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Myron Golden

Myron Golden is a successful business coach, author, and speaker with a huge following on social media. He is also a master marketing consultant and the owner of Skillionaire Enterprises. Myron is a man of great faith who understands overcoming adversity. He contracted polio as an infant and has used the discipline he learned from his parents to become a black belt in martial arts and a best-selling author.

Mind Over Money Mastery

Myron Golden is a business coach with an off-the-charts positive energy and deep understanding of the marketing process. He has helped many people rewrite their financial stories and achieve seven-figure incomes through his training programs and challenge sessions. He has authored several books, including “From Trash Man to Cash Man,” and “Boss Moves.”

One of the most important factors in becoming successful is knowing how to use your mind. The “system” in your head can either bring you wealth, fulfillment, and happiness, or destroy everything you work so hard for. This is why it’s crucial to learn how to master your thoughts, beliefs, and mental syntax.

The Mind Over Money Mastery course teaches participants how to make their mind work for them rather than against them. It also introduces the core concepts of millionaire formulas and explains how various factors like perception, purpose, passion, preparation, production, proclamation, and peace are interconnected and affect your ability to earn. In addition, the program provides participants with effective communication strategies to grow their businesses and attract high-ticket clients.

Make More Offers Challenge

The Make More Offers Challenge is an exercise that can be done by anyone looking to take their business to the next level. It teaches participants how to create irresistible offers that will have people clamoring to buy their product or service. The five-day program is a transformative journey that has helped many businesses achieve success, as proven by the glowing testimonials of past attendees.

Myron Golden is an esteemed business strategist, and he has built his brand around sharing his knowledge of business strategy with others. He offers his expertise in the form of seminars and live courses, as well as private coaching sessions. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of business or a seasoned entrepreneur, Myron Golden’s teachings will help you reach your goals.

His latest offering is the Make More Offers Challenge, a five-day live event that teaches entrepreneurs how to make their offers more profitable and effective. The course is designed for a wide range of professionals, including coaches, entrepreneurs, and business executives. The program will revolutionize participants’ offer-making strategies, thereby catalyzing substantial business growth. The challenge is currently open for enrollment. Those interested can sign up for the event online. The cost of registration is $97 for general admission and $297 for the VIP experience.

Boss Moves Book

Myron Golden is an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach who offers advice on how to build wealth. His unique background has helped him become a successful businessman. Despite living in poverty and being polio-infected as a child, Myron Golden managed to become wealthy through perseverance and hard work. He also has a strong belief system, which contributes to his success. He created a Bible Success Academy, where he helps people integrate their Christian beliefs into their businesses. He is also the founder of Skillonaire Enterprise Inc.

His content and speeches are valuable, which has helped him earn hefty rates for his services. Additionally, he has collaborated with many authors and entrepreneurs, including Russell Brunson. He has a wide social media following, and is able to generate a lot of income from his online presence.

In his book BOSS Moves, Myron Golden talks about four specific moves that help businesses grow exponentially. These four moves are lead generation, product replenishment, recurring revenue, and customer ascension. These are all crucial aspects of growing a business. He also uses these steps in his Make More Offers Challenge and other training programs. He is also a prominent figure at Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hacking Live event. BOSS Moves is a must-read for anyone looking to scale their business.