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Myron Golden

Myron Golden is a highly sought-after business coach. He is known for his best-selling books and online courses. His Make More Offers Challenge is a five-day course that helps participants improve their sales and marketing skills.

Myron Golden’s backstory exemplifies his drive and dedication to wealth. He has a strong belief system and faith, which has helped him build his net worth.

Mind Over Money Mastery

Myron Golden is a best-selling author and highly sought-after speaker who shares his expertise in sales and marketing, wealth-building, and personal development. He has authored two books, BOSS Moves and From the Trash Man to the Cash Man, and his work has helped thousands of people chart their course towards financial success. He also speaks at conferences, workshops, and seminars. He has a strong desire to help people achieve their goals and works hard to share his knowledge and wisdom.

His courses include Mind Over Money Mastery, which is a comprehensive guide for individuals on their journey towards financial prosperity. The program teaches participants how to change their mindsets and become a leader in business. It also offers participants a variety of strategies for making more perfect high ticket sales. The course includes six months of coaching and a private Facebook community for participants to ask questions and support each other.

Golden is also the founder of the Make More Offers Challenge, a program designed to encourage participants to enhance their selling skills and strategies. He believes that wealth requires speed, and this process helps his students to achieve more six and seven figure days. His creativity shines through in his work and reflects his passion for the business of coaching.

Make More Offers Challenge

The Make More Offers Challenge is a five-day exercise that empowers participants to create irresistible offers that their customers won’t be able to resist. Myron Golden uses his 27 years of marketing, business development, and financial literacy experience to teach attendees how to increase their incomes and build a sustainable business. He also emphasizes the importance of building a strong mindset, which can be achieved by learning the right principles of business growth.

In each daily session, Myron teaches the “topic of the day,” which runs the gamut from understanding your market to crafting effective marketing strategies. He is a dynamic speaker with a captivating energy that resonates with his audience. His lessons are delivered in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand, and the information he shares is practical and actionable.

In addition to his innovative business strategies, Myron Golden encourages his audience to live a fulfilling life by following biblical principles. He also gives his audience a unique business perspective that they can take with them when they leave the event. In a bold move, he even offers VIP attendees a unique “10 times better than money back” guarantee. This shows that he is confident that his program will deliver results that are both real and transformational.

Myron Golden Boss Moves Book

Myron Golden is a business coach, speaker, author, and social media influencer with a large following on various platforms. He is also the founder of Bible Success Academy. He has a multimillion-dollar net worth. His journey to wealth was a struggle, but his dedication and hard work paid off. He is a highly sought-after business coach and has coached several seven-figure and eight-figure business owners. He has a unique approach to business and uses Bible philosophy in his coaching. He has a booming YouTube channel and is a frequent guest on podcasts. He charges $25,000 per hour for a consultation.

His new Make More Offers Challenge 2024 is an exercise designed to transform participants’ offers. The training focuses on generation, premium value, and retention offers. This year’s challenge is the most comprehensive yet and is designed for a variety of professionals, including coaches, entrepreneurs, business executives, and agency owners.

Myron Golden’s advice is based on his own experiences and knowledge. He grew his first company to millions of dollars and has won multiple 2 Comma Club awards. He has a deep understanding of sales psychology and is able to convey his message in a way that resonates with people. He explains that the key is to get clear on who you can help and define their problem, then provide them with a solution.